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So, during the Christmas season, I can tend to be a hum bug.  I don’t want to be, but it always seems to happen that way.  Honestly, I love Christmas.  It was always my favorite holiday as a child, but over the past few years, it has become a painful reminder of what is missing in my life.  Like Thanksgiving, it has become a holiday to “get through.”

The way I have gotten through the Christmas season in the past was to stay busy and focus on other people.  But, this year there is something different in the air.  There is something brewing inside of me that is kind of exciting, and I honestly can’t believe that I didn’t think of it before.

We are going through this new kind of Advent celbration at Cornerstone.  In the past, Advent has just been a few minutes on Sunday morning where we light a candle and talk about peace, love, joy and hope, but this is something excitingly different.  This advent season, Cornerstone is really challenging people to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord.  After all, Christmas is the celebration of the coming of Christ into the world, the coming of Immanuel–“God with us!!”  So, we are focusing on spending less, giving more, worshipping fully, and loving all.

Now, I know that Christmas is about Jesus, but with all of the preoccupation and sadness that has surrounded the past eight Christmases for me, I seem to have forgotten that Christmas is a time to worship Immanuel.  When the shepherds and wise men came to see Jesus, they didn’t just look at him and sing an song; no, they fell on their knees and worshipped Him.  I can’t even remember the last Christmas where I fell on my knees and worshipped the One who bore my sins and healed my brokenness so that I could have a relationship with Him.

So, this is my challenge for myself this Christmas season.  I want to worship Christ and make Him the center of everything that I do.  I don’t want to focus so much on what I can get my family for Christmas, but to truly be with my family.  I want this Christmas to be filled with good memories that will last a lifetime, not because of what I get, but because of what I give.  I want to share the love of Christ more.  I want to focus more on loving people than being loved (or even unloved).  I want to be a light in the darkness.  What better time than at Christmas?