I’m not sure if today is day 1, 2, or 3 of our trip, but it is our first full day in Uganda. It always amazes me how traveling can completely mess up our sense of time and location.  Our trip was longer than normal because we had to make a little stop in Rwanda.  But, on the bright side, now I can say I’ve been to Rwanda (can I still say that even though I’ve only been on the tarmac?)

It was comforting to step out of the airport into the smells and sounds of Africa.  It was like coming home.  I have missed this place and the people here more than I realized.

This morning my eyes are tired, my legs are tired, and my mind is hazy, but, I am ready for the day.  I am excited about planting my feet on African soil.  I am excited about seeing my friends in Buloba and holding the hands of 20 little children at the same time.

I am exhausted, but I am expectant for what today has in store.