Tomorrow is a big day.  It’s the day I leave for Uganda, and it can’t seem to get here soon enough. I can’t wait to rest my eyes on this again.

I was talking to my aunt the other day and she commented that she was excited I was going to be with my people again.  I told her they are more than that…they are my family.

So, tomorrow I am going to see my family that I haven’t seen since October, and I can barely contain myself.

Monday is a big day for another reason, too.  It is July 11, 2011.  Monday is 10 years since my father died.  Somedays it seems like he was just here yesterday, and other days it feels like his memory is fading away from me.  With every year that passes and as our family moves further and further on, it gets harder to keep him alive in my life.  Beyond popular belief, time doesn’t heal wounds; it just makes it harder to remember what we’re missing.

I’m sure tomorrow will be a difficult day, but I can’t think of a better way to honor my father than being in Uganda.  I know he would be encouraging me to go.  I know he would be proud of me.  And, that makes missing him a little easier.

Please pray for us as we leave on Monday.  Pray for our safety as we travel.  Pray that we would fall in line with what God is already doing in Uganda.  Pray that we would honor God in all that we do.  Pray that lives would be changed for eternity.

Tomorrow is a big day, but it is just the beginning of many more big days to come…