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It seemes like everyone in my neighborhood is moving.  It has become typical to see U-haul trucks going up and down the street and families carrying out boxes taped up with the pieces of their lives housed inside.  In two weeks I will be that person.  The U-haul truck will be outside my duplex.  I will be carrying out all of my boxes containing the pieces of my life.  And I will move (but, don’t worry,  I’m just moving across town).

I feel like I have been moving a lot lately.  There is movement going on all around me, and I am racing along with it.  This summer has been full of movement…so much that I haven’t even stopped to realize that July is almost over.  Last week was amazing with Cornerstone Youth OnMission.  I had the opportunity to work alongside 25 wicked cool teenagers plus our youth volunteers.  We moved lots of weeds, horse poop, paint, tree limbs, pine straw, people….and each other.  It was great.

Camp Cornerstone is next week, and it will be full of movement. But, I am praying for movement that is more than just moving groups of kids through different activities.  I am praying for the movement of kid’s hearts.  I am praying that God will move entire families.

In the weeks ahead, there will be even more movement in my life and with Cornerstone Youth.  This ministry is moving forward, and as it moves forward it is moving me forward.  I am learning and discovering that movement for the sake of movement can be dangerous.  But, movement with a purpose is revolutionary.

So many times I have caught myself moving (physically, spiritually, mentally, etc…) because I am restless with being still.  This is not the case right now.  I am moving intentionally, with a purpose, with precision, both in my personal life and in ministry.

I am excited about the movement ahead of me.  I am excited about what is coming up in the fall with Cornerstone.  I am excited about Revolution Weekend in August and our move to Wednesday nights starting August 26th.  I am excited to see the vision of reaching students in our community in new and fresh ways come alive!

I believe that God is taking Cornerstone, not just the youth ministry, but the entire church, in a direction of blessing that we can’t even comprehend right now.  I don’t know all the details of what’s on the horizon for us/me, and I’m okay with that.  If I knew, it wouldn’t be bigger than me.  But, I do know that whatever He has in store, it is His best.  It is in our best interest because it brings honor to Him.

He is moving.  He is moving us.  I am moving with Him.  We are moving with Him.  Will you move, too?