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Just like last month, today I looked down at my desk calendar only to realize that it was still on May and June is almost over.  I can’t be so busy that I don’t realize a month has began before it is almost over.  But, nevertheless, June has flown past me, and it strangely feels like I have also flown past myself, leaving me somewhere in the dust of mid-May.

But, I guess I’d rather be busy than idle.

This time last year, I felt like I had nothing to do and life was barely managing to creep by, but now I find myself with so much in front of me that it’s hard to keep everything straight.

It’s overwhelming and exciting and scary and beautiful all at the same time. It’s my life.

The past 2 1/2 weeks have been a whirlwind.  I not only watched my little brother get married, I was in his wedding.  BigStuf was a whole week of crazy goodness.  Then, I went on “vacation” for four days.  And there is still more ahead…..Life Groups start up this Wednesday, Saturday is the OnePrayer Auburn Service day, family is coming for the 4th of July, OnMission starts the second week of July, then we are on to Camp Cornerstone, and before you know it, school will be starting back and Revolution Weekend will be here, and then there will be another wedding on the horizon…

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that I am active, but I also know that I need to build margins in my life, and I’m not really doing a good job of that right now.  Having so much going on makes me stop and examine what in my life is really honoring Christ.  Because if in all of my busyness I forget that He is the most important thing, it is all for nothing, and I have missed it…I have missed out on the Life.

Busyness doesn’t equal life.  A full inbox doesn’t equal self-worth.  Sleepless nights do not equal importance.  Anxiety does not breed success.

Christ equals life.  His word is Truth.  He gives rest to those He loves. And the only success that is worth anything is to bring honor to His name.

Now, I just need to remind myself of that everyday.