Cornerstone’s team returnred from Uganda on Saturday.  I got to pick them up from the airport.  On the ride home, several of them shared stories with me despite their weary eyes and bodies.

I love to hear stories of what God is doing in other parts of the world.  It makes my heart ache, in a good way, to see His redemption in action.  It makes me long to share my faith with those who have never heard His name.  It makes me aware of how I need to be sharing my faith more with the people who come in and out of my life every day.  It makes me want to move.

As they told me stories of meeting some of the kids who are sponsored by people from Cornerstone, I asked if they had met a little girl named Sylvia.  Sylvia is the little girl that I sponsor from Buloba. Josh told me that they had, and actually they had the opportunity to spend some time with her.

Here she is with Josh, showing off her school uniform.


She is beautiful.  The entire time our team was in Uganda, she was where my heart was.  I want to meet her so badly, and I know that one day I will.

This isn’t just a picture of a beautiful little girl.  This is a picture of a life being changed.  This is a picture of hope.

That school uniform is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I have ever seen, not because it’s something she has because of me, but because it’s a little piece of my heart in Uganda.

And, you know, the more I look at this picture, I realize that it’s not just a picture of her life being changed, but mine, too.