This morning at Cornerstone, we had the privilege of having Matt Dean, a long time member of Cornerstone and founder of Grace Campus Ministries, speak the word of God to us.  Matt and his wife have felt God call them to move their ministry to college students from Auburn, AL to Hong Kong, and they are being obedient to the call.

While it was good to hear about what God is doing in Matt and April and Grace Campus, something other than that was stirring inside of me as I listened to him this morning.  It was more than just a “see how God is using me and my family to reach the unreached,” message; it was a “get up off you hiney, because God is asking you to do the same thing” reality check.

For me it was a Holy Spirit throwdown inside my soul.

You see, here’s the plain truth….I would sell everything I have and move to another country right now to tell people about Christ.  I would give up everything, which I have offered God before, to be on the “mission field” with God.  I would go anywhere…Africa, China, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Romania…you name it.

But, that is not where God has called me.

When I was about to graduate from college I told God that I would go anywhere he asked me to go.  I was ready for him to say “Amy I want you to move to Tanzania.”  But, what I wasn’t ready for him to say was, “Amy, I want you to go to Texas (and go to seminary),” which is exactly what he did.

When I was about to graduate from seminary and leave Texas, I told God the same thing, “I will go anywhere for You.”  I was ready for the jungles of South America.  But, what I wasn’t ready for was for him to call me back home, to Auburn, AL.  And yet, here I am.

So, as I sat in worship this morning, listening to Matt share his heart, I was on the edge of my seat.  In my heart I was saying, “God, send me.  I am ready.  I will go anywhere for you.  Count me in.  Just tell me where you want me to go, and I am there!”

And, oh so tenderly my Father pulled me in close to himself and said, “Amy, you’re already there.”

Let me share a few statistics with you that Matt shared this morning:
— There are more than 2 billion people in the world who have never heard/read/seen the name of Jesus.
— In America there is 1 Christian worker for every 300 people.  In China there is only 1 worker for several million people (and yet the church is growing exponentially there!).
— 90% of the world’s pastors are in America ministering to 8% of the worlds population

And, one of my own:
— 70% of the world’s population of teenagers is outside of the United States, but 90% of the worlds youth ministers are in the US

This is hard for me to sit back and watch happen.  This is wrong.  Something needs to change.

But, I am here in Auburn, AL.  God has called me here to reach those who have yet to be reached.  I am taken back to the statistic that in America there is 1 Christian worker for every 300 people, but in other countries it is 1 to millions.

And, the question that kept coming to me this morning was, “What’s our excuse?”

There shouldn’t be a single person in America who hasn’t been touched with the Gospel, who hasn’t heard the Good News that Jesus Christ has rescued them from sin and death and reconciled them to God.  We don’t have an excuse.  At least not a good one.

There is only one reason that we are not reaching our country for Christ: we don’t care about lost people.

This hit me so hard this morning, because all of my life, all I have wanted to do was go overseas.  A part of my heart will always burn for missions, but this morning I realized, in a very real way, that everywhere is my mission field.

So, where is your mission field?  Mine is Auburn Junior High, and Drake Middle School, and Auburn High School, and Auburn University, and Starbucks, and Wal-Mart, and…..

What are you missing because you are always waiting for “real” ministry?  What’s your excuse for not reaching the people you live life with everyday?  Is is because you don’t care?  Because I have a feeling that you do, and it’s time you we did something about it.