Yesterday, I was in the drive through at the bank, depositing my paycheck (which my bank account was grateful for) and the teller and I struck up quite and interesting conversation. It was only like 3 minutes long, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It went a little something like this:

Teller: Welcome to Wachovia. How are you doing today?
Me: Thanks. I’m good.
Teller: So, do you work at Cornerstone?
(*I was depositing my paycheck, so Cornerstone’s name was on the check)
Me: Yeah
Teller: So, what do you do there?
Me: I’m the Youth Minister (I kind of stuttered here, because I’m still not used to saying this out loud.)
Teller: Wow, that’s really cool. I have heard a lot of good things about Cornerstone.
(*Now this is the point in the conversation where I got really excited, because this girl looked to be about my age and probably someone I could be friends with. So, I thought, this is my chance to get her to Cornerstone, because once she comes I know she will want to keep coming.)
Me: Oh, have you been to Cornerstone before?
Teller: No, but I have friends that go there. I’m am actually more of a Church of the Highlands girl.
(*At this point I considered saying something like, “Oh, you don’t want to go to the Church of the Highlands. Cornerstone is so much better, because……” But I stopped myself, because even though Church of the Highlands may not be my thing, it’s not a bad church.  So, instead I said this…)
Me: I’ve heard good things about your church, too.
Teller: Yeah, I really like it. It’s a great church.
Me: That’s awesome. Cornerstone is pretty great, too.
Teller: *nods head to indicate agreement*
Me: Well, I hope you have good afternoon
Teller: You, too.

Let me just say that I am blessed to be a part of a church that is intentional about reaching people who are not reached by other, more traditional, churches.  Cornerstone seeks the broken, the wounded, the people who don’t have it all together and who don’t pretend that they do.  I love to hear people say good things about Cornerstone.  It reminds me that I am a part of a movement.  I am a part of something that is changing people’s lives.  I love it.

But, it also swells my pride.  I begin to let myself think that Cornerstone is the only church that is doing it “right.”  I want everyone to come to Cornerstone, not because they need Jesus, but because I want them to see how good we are.  And, I tend to lose sight of the fact that #1 we haven’t cornered the market on how to do ministry, #2 we are not the only church God is using to draw people to Himself and transform lives, #3 we are not in competition with other churches.

This conversation was a humbling experience for me, and it is continuing to humble me.  I needed to be reminded that I’m not in the business of “outdoing” what other churches are doing, but it is our job as the church to be a complementing and cooperating force alongside each other.   We are in this together.  Yes, every church does it differently, and that’s the way it should be.    We are a body.  We all look different.  We all are drawn in differently to different groups of people.  We are partners in reaching people for Christ. We are ALL the church.

So, let’s do this thing….together.