Today I was watching Cinderella (probably not a good idea the day before Valentine’s Day, but oh well).  It’s the classic fairytale–a girl who was put down her entire life and had no chance of ever being anything is chosen by the prince to not only be his wife, but he falls in love with her.  Every little girl dreams of this–the day when her prince will come to rescue her and she will become the princess she was born to be.

I’m usually pretty cynical when it comes to fairytales and romantic movies, because I know that life doesn’t work the way it is portrayed by them.  Relationships are hard work, and hearts are often broken in the process.  But, I think the real reason I struggle with fairytales so much (depsising them, but at the same time loving to watch them) is because they touch a part of my soul that longs for something more.

We all have this deep longing inside of us to be more than we are right now, and we are just waiting for the prince, or princess, to come along and choose us, to desire us.  We want someone to really see us, to believe in us, to desire us, to love us, to chase after us.  I know it’s what I want.

This longing is for more than our “soul mate.”  It is for our Savior.

Many people never get this, and they spend all their life trying to quell this longing with human relationships, marriage after marriage, and many other temporary things.

The truth is that Christ is the One we have been longing for.  He has come to rescue us.  He believes in us.  He loves us.  He pursues us.  He has chosen us, the people who have been put down their entire life and have no hope of ever becoming anything.  He has chosen you!  He has chosen me.

So, maybe life is like a fairytale after all.  The King has come to rescue His bride.  We are His bride.  And, the longings deep inside our soul are the whispers of the One who came to rescue us and restore us to the people we were created to be.