So, I have to say that I love Donald Miller.  I love his books.  I just enjoy seeing the world through his eyes.  I have been following his blog, and yesterday he wrote about how Apple has exploded with sales over the past few years, not because their products are superior, but becuase Apple’s ad campaigns target the insecurities inside of us, and make us believe that if we use Apple products we will be cool.

Now, I am not a Mac hater.  I like Macs, and I am quite attached to my iPod.  But, once again, Donald made me think about why I do the things I do.  It is so interesting how we can be so affected and persuaded and not even realize it.  We all have the desire within us to belong to something.  We want to be connected and to know that we are not alone.  But, that longing will never be fulfilled by a MacBook or the newest iPod touch.  It is one more way we have been deceived.

Anyway, you should go read Donald Miller’s Blog.  He says it better than I ever could.

P.S.–Don’t hate me you Mac lovers.  Like I said above, I like Macs.  Please don’t leave me angry comments.