This morning on the radio I heard that an article in PC World offically declared that  the VHS is extinct.  The company that was the last distributor of VHS tapes has shipped the last of its supply to its distributors.  So, for those of you, like myself, who still own VHS tapes, the armegeddon of the VCR is near.  Prepare yourself.

But seriously, this made me start thinking.  The question that was raised by the raido host was “What do you miss?”  People called in an poured out their stories of long lost records and eight tracks, wholesome television and the Atari, but the only thing I could think about was how limited humans are.  People invent products that become the next bigthing, which at one time was the VHS, then became the DVD, and now the Blue Ray disc.  The VHS only lasted for 20 years….20 years!  A technology went through its entire life cycle in less time than I have been alive.

This thought has haunted me all morning, and I can’t help but think about God in all of this.  I am so grateful that God didn’t create this way.  His creation was perfect in the beginning, and not only perfect, but necessary.  There will never be anything man creates that can take the place of what God has created.  There will always be a need for trees, oxygen, water, humans.  These things may be destroyed by humanity’s neglegence and destructive actions, but will never become null.  Man has spent his entire life striving to create something better than before.  It is our nature.  It is one of the many ways we reflect God.  But, we strive to always make things better and created the next “big thing” which causes us to teeter on the dangerous line of being like God and trying to become God.