I did something on Sunday that I have always wanted to do…I adopted a child. (This makes me laugh a little because I once pulled a prank on my group of girls at FBCE and told them that I adopted a little boy named Marcus from Puerto Rico…..and they thought I had lost my mind.)

I didn’t really adopt a child, but I chose to sponsor a little girl named Sylvia who lives in Buloba, Uganda through an organization called African Renewal Ministries, which Cornerstone supports.  She is such a beautiful little girl, and I wish that I could put her picture on here to show you just how beautiful she is.

I have always wanted to do this, but I never really had the money.  Its not like I have the money now, but I am realizing that where God calls, He provides.  I know this is something God has wanted me to do for a long time, but I used the excuse of not having a stable life (or job) to make myself feel better for being disobedient.  I am really bad about making excuses to disguise my lack of faith.  But, I couldn’t make excuses anymore.

Actually, I think God is working a change in my heart.  This week, I have had such a spirit of giving.  My heart has been broken for specific people in my life, and I have found myself trying to think of ways to bless the lives of other people around me.  Maybe God is calling my bluff with this whole “giving more presence” thing during this season of advent, and He is waiting to see if I will really follow through with what I have said.  I’ve always wanted to have the means to be a “giving person,” but I’m realizing that being a “gving person” doesn’t require the means, but the heart behind it.  It’s a lot for me to think about right now, because its like I’m having this cultural shift in my own life.

Lord, help me to be obedient in what You are asking of me.  Don’t let me wait to do what is right.