In less that an hour I will be embarking of the adventure of taking 26 girls and leaders to the Revolve Tour in Atlanta.  Last year, I had the amazing opportunity of going to Revolve in Dallas with some of the greatest girls in the world.  I can’t believe that it has already been a year, and now I am doing this all over again, but completely different.  This year, I won’t be “Pirate Amy” (which honestly, may be a good thing :)).  But, I know it will make me miss those girls even more than I already do.

Please pray for us as we drive through one of the craziest cities in America.  Pray that God will do something in the lives of these girls this weekend.  Pray that we will have fun.  Pray that I come back still sane.  Pray that God will teach me…I always need to learn from Him.